The “Digital Technology Week”

A festival, that creates a communication platform between digital technologies and the general public, by combing e-classes, workshops, speakers, teleconferencing sessions and round table Q&A sessions with the public, held place in remote/rural locations, in which the “Rural Broadband” project has finished installing broadband connections. The objective of the event is to educate the population in the benefits of the broadband connectivity and digital skills. It actively involves local communities.
  • Showcasing good uses of broadband, the educational sessions include multiple types of classes, for pupils/students, for adults (provide citizens with the basic digital skills they need for their lives and basic digital skills for the labour force) and for local e-entrepreneurship. For the hybrid e-learning sessions, students utilize an e-learning management system assisted by a tutor.

  • Teleconferencing sessions, include conferencing sessions with doctors and physicians, displaying capabilities of e-health, but also sessions of connecting with other communities.

  • Round tables are Q&A sessions with the general population, held in public places, in which experts present but also discuss digital technologies with the public.

  • In the future hackathons and competitions will be added.

The first of these events is to be held at Pentalofo in Kozani, a village in Western Macedonia, while 30 more rural locations are planned for the near future.



Pentalofos Kozanis

26 - 29 July
1st Digital Technology Week


Keep in touch for the next event.
2nd Digital Technology Week

organized by

Digital Skills Greece
Digital Skills and Job Coalition